2016 - The good, the bad and the painful

This year has not been the good year I had hoped for. What an up and down journey it's been with medication that got me free of depression, but turned me into a zombie until I got myself off the dratted drug and was feeling so much better for a while, until life [as it has a nasty habit of doing] took a downward spiral and, for so many reasons that I won't go into, the depression came back. I fought against it and was just winning when two vertebrae at the base of myh spine decided to crumble and it was so bad I thought I was going to be a cripple for the rest of my life. A few weeks later and I'm still wearing a back-support, walking with sticks [though I can't walk any further than to the end of the drive and back]. I even have a construction that helps me get up from the toilet and the painkillers - well, back comes the zombie fatigue and I have to force myself to get up out of my comfortable cushions on the sofa and stop watching miles and miles of television. My husband has been great and making the meals, but housework is not his forte, so it's a good job tha things are at last starting to look up and I start ten sessions of physiotherapy next Tuesday - ouch!

The good news is that I have found a new publisher who has said she is delighted to publish ALL my previously published books as e-books and paperbacks and they are already on the Amazon marketplace. Hallelujah! The dream I harboured all my life came true after half a century of trying and now that same dream is doing a second round and I'm so excited about it.

You'll find my current publications on Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Books We Love Ltd., [Publishers]. I've had some great reviews in the past and am hoping for new readers and more reviews in the future. The book I spent years trying to perfect and get published is finally in print and in ebook. "Rosa" is yet another dream come true. Happy reading, my friends.


2015 - A new beginning. For those who don't already know me, let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born, old style, in my maternal grandparent's miner's cottage on the high ground overlooking the River Tyne when Gateshead was a dirty old town and Newcastle was a long, 2-journey trip away on bus and tramcar. By the time I was 10 months old my parents had already separated, so I was the product of an early one-parent family. World War 2 was still ongoing.

I always had a great love of books and reading, and although I was good at art, my one great passion was writing and I never stopped dreaming of one day becoming a published author. My teachers expected me to become an artist; my mother wanted me to follow in her footsteps and work in an office as a contometer operator - the early form of computerisation, the macine of which was as big as a whole room. I eventually became a secretary, pushing my dream of becoming a writer to the back of my mind. After all, who had heard of a secondary modern school kid from a working class background being published? My family were simple, though respectable folk who always thought I had aspirations above my social level. Inverted snobbery reigned supreme.

 With a lot of hard work and no qualifications to speak of, I worked my way up the secratarial ladder until I reached a position I never thought was possible - that of Executive Secretary [admin/medical] with Newcastle University. There was only one secretarial position higher, and that was PA to the Vice-Chancellor. In between times my life took a variety of turns - some exciting, some frightening, but never boring.

In 1991 my husband and I took early retirement and moved to south-west France, where we still live in a small rural village surrounded by a farming community and we love it. It is here in France that I finally became a published writer, formed my own art group and acquired my very own art studio. Neither of us know how we ever found time to go out to work. There is never enough time in the day to do what we would like to do. Apart from writing and painting I am also now involved in trying to save abandonned dogs who do not have the happy home shared by my two miniature Yorkshire Terriers, Candy and Toby.

Please take time to brouse through these pages of mine, leave a message and go away knowing that I am delighted by your visit, however brief. Keep calling in, because I will be adding to my 'story' on a regular basis.


All best wishes,

June Gadsby