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11. juin, 2017

Yes, it's in print and in e-book at long last and marks my 24th published title, but in many ways, the most important because of the long and difficult journey from beginning to end. Over the last 20+ years it was written, revised and proof-read [the latter by my very obliging husband who became smitten by the heroine and refused to let me give up on her]. Under the title "The Way of the Wind" - and later "Whispers in the Wind", Rosa was accepted by two leading agents, reduced by 30,000 words, turned down, increased by 20,000 words and again turned down because it was apparently, then, out of vogue. The book lay on the shelf for years while I got 23 other books published until my agent died, then my publisher retired, and my own personal life took a few turns for the worse, so the writing dried up - though I never stopped gathering storylines and looking forward to the day when I could get back to my greatest passion - my writing. Then, as it does, things turn around, miracles happen and the old mojo comes back in force, thanks to a new publisher - Books We Love Limited of Canader, agreed to re-publish all my books sight-unseen - and had no problbem in accepting any book I might write in the future. "Send them Rosa!" was all my husband, Brian, could say. So, I set to and revised 'our' Rosa, sent it off and she ended up on holiday with one of the Canadian editors in Hawaii. The editor's review consisted of one word: "Wonderful". My first and biggest saga - traditional - and already it's out there being read and reviewed...

4.0 out of 5 starsRecommended

on 24 May 2017
A thoroughly good read with a sound storyline that rattles along at a good pace with interesting twists and turns that makes one want to turn the page. A good picture of early 20th century British society tied in neatly with historical events of the era. It is easy to get involved with the characters - both good and bad. Recommended.
26. mars, 2017

I edited my old traditional saga [originally titled 'The Way of the Wind", later changed to "Whispers in the Wind" then finally, simply "Rosa" which is how my husband always referred to this book. It was written and almost published a couple of times over the years, words added and words subtracted to please agents who said it was exactly what they were looking for - then turned down. Only writers will understand the frustrations attached to getting a novel published. But I now have a publisher who assured me, without even reading the book, that they would definitely be publishing it. The next news, once I finished re-editing it for I don't know how many times, that an editor was going to take it on holiday with her to read - in Hawaii. I do hope my heroine enjoyed her exotic location. After the life she lived in the north-east of England, she certainly deserves all the luxury she can get. The book isn't published yet - not far off, I'm hoping with fingers crossed. However, the cover has already been agreed on and we all [including the publisher] love it. Getting this book published will be a dream realised, both for me and my husband, as he has constantly supported me and encouraged me never to lose faith in his favourite heroine, Rosa.

5. mars, 2017

I think I'd better take a sedative before my adrenalin goes through the ceiling! Another note from my publisher with a suggested cover pic for the next book to appear - VALLEY OF DREAMS. Ouf! Yes, of course I gave the go-ahead. Makes a change from a sexy girl doesn't it?

5. mars, 2017

This morning from my publisher re my saga "Rosa" within about 48 hours of submitting it: "We are definitely going to publish it." I think I'm in shock. This book is so dear to my heart, almost succeeded years ago when I wrote it, then I put it on the shelf thinking that it would never be published, but my husband kept telling me that it was the best thing I had ever written and I should try again. I edited, revised, crossed my fingers, prayed - and voila! It will be dedicated to my husband and proof-reader, Brian. I'm now trying to negotiate a suitable cover with my publisher - not easy as I have a definite picture of her in my mind - been there for years - and I may have to compromise, but that's not a problem.

However, to continue the 'saga' of ROSA: I found an image for my heroine which wasn't quite Rosa, but as near as I could get - a lovely Latino girl with flowing black hair. My husband [he's 82] drooled over her and my publisher loved her. I can't wait to see the finished result. I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

4. mars, 2017

Well, I've moved on quite a bit since the last time I made an entry in my website/blog page. I'm not the world's best blogger - keep forgetting that I even have a website. In November I fractured my spine, having lifted some heavy boxes - not very clever, was it?  However, exciting new beginnings have happened over the last three months that I am forced to remember to record the details here, there and everywhere. I have a new publisher!

Books We Love Ltd., is a Canadian publishing firm who are now re-publishing all my previously published backlist in paperback and e-booik forms and they are doing a magnificent job with books going out so fast I can hardly keep up with them.

One book - a saga - which I wrote a long time ago and which was nearly published [twice!] is now in the hands on one of the editors as her holiday reading in Hawaii. I bet my heroine, ROSA, which is the title of the book, never expected to got from rags to riches to Hawaii. I've got everything crossed that the editor will give the thumbs up - especially for the sake of my husband who has always claimed that it's the best thing I've ever written and has spent years bullying me into trying to get it published. He's proof-read it so many times that he knows the story better than I do.

I have books coming out all the time now - it's so exciting - so please look at my Amazon page to see what's on offer - there are some bargains. Happy reading everybody.