16. janv., 2015

Getting on with it.

It's slow progress as far as my fractured wrist is concerned, but I'm being positive and willing the wrist, fingers and shoulder to get them sorted so that I can do some real writing at full speed the way I used to.

It's been a busy and enjoyable week celebrating my birthday, receiving a small prize for the best floral gates in the village [in summer that is -they aren't very pretty right now] - and best occasion of all - my husband Brian's 80th birthday with lunch on board 'La Peniche', an old barge restaurant on the lake at Marciac.

Yesterday, my art group met for the second session of the year and we had a good couple of hours doing some simple watercolour exercises, which I intend to continue until February when I hope to be able to tackle subjects more challenging. My pupils are all putting in there orders for what they would like to do, which gives me food for thought. Finding something new for them is always a challenge.