27. févr., 2015

What a day!

What a day I had yesterday. It started with the discovery of a beautiful, but dead dog on our way to a friend's funeral. I put the news out on my dog telegraph and the poor owners were found. He is now buried in the land where he was loved. At the end of the funeral [our friend's, not the dog's], I found out that dear old Leon was going to have to get rid of their dog because, with his health problems, he couldn't cope with her. I was again onto my canine telegraph and within a few hours had received 4 offers to take the ten year old Westie, "Nouna" and negotiations are now in progress for her adoption. Meanwhile, on going down to the hall where I hold my art classes, I found that the river had flooded right up to the walls of the building and looking out of the windows it seemed like we were on a boat in a huge lake. Fortunately, it didn't come up any further and this morning the sun is shining again - but for how long? Yes, it was quite a day.