9. août, 2015

Catching up!

Catching up. Easy to say, not so easy to do. I've been trying to catch up on about three lost years in the last few months. Lost because of medication that turned me into a quasi-zombie and killed my natural enthusiasm for most things. Thank heavens I was still able to paint - my little art group kept that going. And there was the work did for refuge dogs, which is still ongoing. But writing and physical activity are only starting to take hold again. When you've been on the wrong medication [which I'm convinced I was] for so long, it takes a long time to get back on track. I'm happy to say that I'm getting there - slowly but surely, but I'm older now and the older you get the harder it is to recuperate energy.

However, I'm seeing more and more signs of the old me coming back and have even got some writing on the go in the shape of a crime novel. Oddly enough, I'm finding writing more difficult therse days, possibly because of the long gap between my last novel and this one, the latter of which is totally different to my usual work. Also, I think I may be trying a little too hard and keep going back to change things, edit things as I go, rather than letting it flow and fix it up after those magic words "The End" appear.

Decluttering the house has been the main topic on my mind this year and I'm finally getting down to that. We have far too much clutter and not enough space. Getting rid of it isn't easy, so I'm having to be pretty strict with myself. Fortunately, I'll be manning a pre-Christmas bric-a-brac stall in aid of my refuge dog project and, hopefully, make as much money as I made last year with my event 'Going to the Dogs' - which amounted to 715 euros.

Speaking of dogs, Toby has recently spent a week in kennels because we had my stepson and his wife and 10 month old baby staying with us all the way from Hong Kong via Sweden. Toby is far too boisterous a little boy to be let loose with such a young child. He's been much better behaved since his 'exile' - hopefully, he enjoyed being with the other dogs, because he has never been socialised like that in all his six years.

Candy is now approaching her 15th year - won a rosette for second place early this year in the veteran category of a fun dog show organised by Les Amis des Animaux [Friends of the Animals] - a group here in S.W. France based at Tarbes not far from where we live. They do amazing work for the animals at the local refuge, but are always in need of as much help as they can get.

Back to Candy though. She hasn't been well this weekend and has been going into a deep sleep on more than one occasion. There are more nasty symptoms, but it's enough to say that she is heading for the vet's tomorrow a.s.a.p. Animals, like children, do tend to get ill at the weekends. I'm doing my best not to worry about my little old girl, but...

Finally, I just want to tell you that you will find me on Facebook under my own name, but also a page called Furry Tales, where I do my best to promote lost and abandoned dogs who end up, through no fault of their own, behind the cold;, unloving bars of an animal refuge. There are so many lovely animals desperately looking for love and affection and a cosy place to spend the rest of their days, so please don't buy - adopt or foster.