5. janv., 2016

A New Beginning

Well, it's 2016 already with 2015 behind us and a new departure for me as I come up to my 73rd birthday - how did that happen! I've put an end to my art group which I led for seven years and have fresh artistic ideas to explore.

I have also taken up writing again and am reviewing the crime novel I started sometime last year but never got off the ground - actually, I did, but life kept getting in the way, so there were too many periods of non-writerly business. As a real writer you've just got to keep the flow going, and, for a variety of reasons, I haven't managed to do this for a long time.

I am also getting to grips with some fitness training, including my first experience of yoga, though I have to admit that it's yoga for people with limited mobility [as in I can get onto the floor, but need help getting back on my feet!] Okay, you can laugh, but just wait until your knees give up the ghost when the dreaded arthritis sets in - a well-known writer's disease from sitting long hours at the computer.

My work for the local refuge dogs will continue, but on a minor scale, e.g. via Internet and I've already passed on a couple of viable ideas to the golden ladies who run the Association Les Amis des Animaux [Tarbes nord] here in my Gascony region. And I'll be meeting them for lunch tomorrow on the old barge restaurant, "La Peniche", on the lake at Marciac. I'll think about dieting later.

I've started a new page here on my website called "Furry Tales" where I hope to tell stories of dogs who have been fostered or adopted and, indeed, those who are still waiting patiently behind bars here in south-west France, hoping that some nice person will come along and fall in love with them. Happy stories and sad stories that will make you weep. Take a look. I've kicked off with my own failed adoption of a lovely Fox Terrier called Bonnie. I did it all wrong. Hopefully, if I get another opportunity to foster or adopt a dog I will get it right. Bonnie, I'm relieved, with lump in throat, to say, is happily living in a loving forever home. I do so love happy endings, even if they make me cry.