30. juin, 2016

On the shelf!

I have been forced to put Tasker's Force on the shelf. Why? Firstly, because I wasn't comfortable with the style of writing I was trying to adopt and although the storyline was moving along nicely, the book I was reading suddenly sounded far too familiar. Despite having planned and written about a third of Tasker's Force before picking up this book, I could already hear people shouting 'plagerism', even though my idea for my story came out of my own head. If only I had written Tasker's Force before the other book appeared on the bookshelves!

So, I've turned to another storyline that has been in my 'to write one day' file and am half way through Chapter Two of a psychological thriller called "The Silence of Evil". A young woman marries a rich and famous psychiatrist rather than lose the family home - Alnwood Manor. To all intents and purposes, it is a happy marriage, despite the fact that the professor turns the house into a private psychiatric clinic and installs his young wife in his own home where his spoilt teenage daughter is a force to be dealt with. Then there's some kind of freak accident and the psychiatrist's wife, Julie, loses her memory. She can remember nothing, including her name or the circumstances that led up to the incident. Kept under sedation and locked in her room, her life becomes one big nightmare until the young landscape gardener, Ben, decides to help this woman who once helped him put his life to rights. He alone does not believe the drug and alcohol related rumours that abound. Nor does he believe that Julie's husband is all that he is supposed to be. If Julie, as they say, tried to stab him in a fit of rage, there had to be a good reason...and that reason was possibly why she was now suffering from total amnesia.