4. mars, 2017

Moving on.

Well, I've moved on quite a bit since the last time I made an entry in my website/blog page. I'm not the world's best blogger - keep forgetting that I even have a website. In November I fractured my spine, having lifted some heavy boxes - not very clever, was it?  However, exciting new beginnings have happened over the last three months that I am forced to remember to record the details here, there and everywhere. I have a new publisher!

Books We Love Ltd., is a Canadian publishing firm who are now re-publishing all my previously published backlist in paperback and e-booik forms and they are doing a magnificent job with books going out so fast I can hardly keep up with them.

One book - a saga - which I wrote a long time ago and which was nearly published [twice!] is now in the hands on one of the editors as her holiday reading in Hawaii. I bet my heroine, ROSA, which is the title of the book, never expected to got from rags to riches to Hawaii. I've got everything crossed that the editor will give the thumbs up - especially for the sake of my husband who has always claimed that it's the best thing I've ever written and has spent years bullying me into trying to get it published. He's proof-read it so many times that he knows the story better than I do.

I have books coming out all the time now - it's so exciting - so please look at my Amazon page to see what's on offer - there are some bargains. Happy reading everybody.