26. mars, 2017


I edited my old traditional saga [originally titled 'The Way of the Wind", later changed to "Whispers in the Wind" then finally, simply "Rosa" which is how my husband always referred to this book. It was written and almost published a couple of times over the years, words added and words subtracted to please agents who said it was exactly what they were looking for - then turned down. Only writers will understand the frustrations attached to getting a novel published. But I now have a publisher who assured me, without even reading the book, that they would definitely be publishing it. The next news, once I finished re-editing it for I don't know how many times, that an editor was going to take it on holiday with her to read - in Hawaii. I do hope my heroine enjoyed her exotic location. After the life she lived in the north-east of England, she certainly deserves all the luxury she can get. The book isn't published yet - not far off, I'm hoping with fingers crossed. However, the cover has already been agreed on and we all [including the publisher] love it. Getting this book published will be a dream realised, both for me and my husband, as he has constantly supported me and encouraged me never to lose faith in his favourite heroine, Rosa.