14. avr., 2018


What with unexpected injuries to my back and a very slow edit to my latest novel "THIS AFFAIR", I thought I would never get on with the next book, which was crying out to be written. But, at last, I've made it and the first chapter of "FORBIDDEN" is on its way.

"THIS AFFAIR" is with my publishers and fingers crossed they like it because it is totally different from anything else I''ve ever written. A few years ago, had anybody told me that I would have written a love story in the first person, I would have pooh-poohed the idea. However, this story begged me to change style and content just for this one book. It was inspired by a dream I had about a certain television celebrity that I developed a crush on - and yes, I did meet him in person - gorgeous, a perfect gentleman, much older than I was - and married. The dream remained a dream until I heard he had died and I just knew I had to write the story the dream had inspired. "This Affair" is planned to appear, hopefully, in June of this year.

As for "FORBIDDEN", I'm back to my old romantic suspense, guts and thunder style in the third person, but a little more hard-core writing and content - the sex more explicit, which is again new to my books, some incest and violence - and some forbidden love. It's another family story that takes place during the first world war. The main setting: an isolated farm in Northumberland. Well, enough clues to keep you guessing and to looking out for my latest book, the 28th since 2001.