15. avr., 2018

So sad!

I loved my front garden which, in the 27 years we've lived in France, has gone from a half-acred of grass and weeds to a real little forest of beautiful trees. Yesterday, my husband had a friend cut down most of those trees and I was devastated to see how bare the place looked with a sea of cut off trunks. My husband assures me that they will grow again, but it will never be the same for me without my 'magic forest'. He never told me that this was going to happen or why. There were a couple of trees that needed cutting down, but that was all in my opinion. He says it now allows the undergrowth to grow up because there's more light coming in. What undergrowth? I once looked out onto beauty and now it's all gone and I don't have enough years left in me to see it grow back, apart from a few branches and twigs that will never look like proper trees.