27. avr., 2018


Despite the rickety back which refuses to heal properly, I have been able to sit at the computer for a longer time and am happy to say that Chapter One of "FORBIDDEN" is well under way. A tiny piece of it needs researching and, believe me, the research is taking longer than the writing. I am not, however, tempted to leave out this scene, because it is important in establishing the personalities of the main characters. Since it's fiction based on fact, if you know what I mean, I could possibly bluff my way through the incident that involves a German plane crashing in Northumberland early on in the First World War. I have found some references, but not enough information for me to feel confident. I could blast away with this information and my own imagination [I've done that before], but there's always the chance that some 'expert' out there will come up with a crushing criticism.🙂Ah well. The story is the main thing, so I'd better get on with that and come back to the research when I'm not so frustrated about German Fokkas nose-diving on the Northumberland moors.