11. mars, 2018

An experience to remember.

An exotic few weeks in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. My husband, Brian, was leading a natural history tour and I got to go along. Even more beautiful than the country are the people of Sri Lanka - men and women alike. We didn't mind the high temperatures, but the humidity meant that all our clothes in our cases were damp by the time we got to the first hotel. Brian, a professional ornithologist, was in his element - until we were out one day in a jeep driving through the bush and encountered a female leopard lying in the sady track a few yards in front of us. One elderly lady, passionate about ticking off the number of bulbuls [small exotic birds] she had seen on her travels shouted out from the back of the jeep: "Who's that birdie, Brian."  She was from Edinburgh and had only discovered that she was a millionaire when her banker husband died. In one voice without looking, our eyes fixed on the leopard, told her: "It's a Bulbul, Mona! Be quiet- there's a leopard..." I think poor old Mona was frightened and didn't even want to see this magnificent four-legged big cat that nonchalantly got to its feet, did a pee, and literally slithered up a tree, disappearing from sight. What a bonus for us and I even managed to get a photo of it. When we got back to the hotel we were the envy of all the other guests out in jeeps hunting leopards that day as we were the only group to see one.