12. mars, 2018

To the ends of the earth...

Thank you Janet Walters for this review on TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH:
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Trilling adventure
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Historical romance. The heroine is unique for her time and is learning to overcome a bitter life and reach for love. The hero has his problems to face and to realize his old best friend has changed. Patagonia is the setting for this thrilling adventure.
My visit to Patagonia is one of the most  most inspiring nostalgic memories I have. I knew straight away that I would have to write this story. Despite seeing the place one hundred later than the era in which I set the story, nothing much has changed. The mountains were the most breathtaking I've ever seen, the glaciers and icebergs were amazing, though these are, sadly, melting away because of the drastic climate change today. Neighbors live a hundred miles apart in grassy plains and the houses of Ushuwaia at 'the town at the end of the earth', are still built on logs, making it easy for the residents to move if necessary. The people of Chili and Argentina that make up Patagonia are very friendly. We had Argentinians come up to us in a restaurant one day wanting to shake our hands and saying how pleased they were that we had chosen to visit their country [it wasn't too long after the Falklands war]. We found this gesture very moving. I loved writing this book and re-lived every moment of the experience