Mojo working...

I'm more than happy to report that my writing mojo is working - slowly but surely. The editing of 'THIS AFFAIR' is an ONGOING AFFAIR and I'm about half way through the novel of 32 chapters. As for the planned 'FORBIDDEN' - another wartime story, I just could not wait to get it started, so I dug in - then decided that I didn't like that particular beginning, so changed it. I like the second version much better - lots of action in the first few pages. Always a good idea to have what I call a 'magnetic carrot' to draw the reader into the book and make them want to turn those pages. And now that the weather is cooler here in Gascony, I feel much more like writing.

ROSA reviews

Four excellent reviews on Rosa already and I couldn't be more pleased. Here's the latest:

on 14 August 2017
Rosa is a wonderful heroine. The story never flags and I had to read on to the end in one sitting. Rosa is a feisty and beautiful girl of 13 when the story starts. Everything is against her but her brave and generous spirit means that she never gives up. The background detail over her life through two wars is fascinating and woven into the story in a skilled way that brings the north of England alive. I highly recommend this book.

Another book en-route

After a pretty sad period when we had to put our beloved miniature Yorkshire Terrier down at the age of 17 - Candy was her name and she was as sweet as her name implies - I'm back to writing and the ongoing novel is in the editing phase. THIS AFFAIR is totally different from anything I have ever written - a contemporary love story, the whole storyline having come to me in a dream. Fourteen chapters are now edited, but there are a lot more to go. Thankfully, they are short chapters and if I stick at it I should managed at least a chapter a day. Then I will be ready to write my next novel - an historic drama called FORBIDDEN, where more than family secrets are brushed under the carpet. I can't wait to get started.

ROSA - published!

The editor who took Rosa on holiday with her to Hawaii had only one word to say about the novel: "Wonderful!" The book is already published and I'm still pinching myself.

I'm hoping to have a book signing and anecdotes from my writing life in the very near future in Maubourguet to which all local English speaking people will be invited. This is mainly to celebrate the publication [it's taken 20 years] of the novel my husband, Brian, never lost faith in - 'ROSA'., a saga that spans two wars with a heroine who refuses to give up, no matter what Fate throws at her - historic, rape, romance, unrequited love, the dreams of a rags to riches girl, realised despite her alcoholic, amoral mother and her mysterious past...Published by Books We Love of Canada. Find Rosa and all my other books on Amazon.

In 2001 I became a published author for the first time, after a lifetime of being a wannabe writer. Before that there were travel articles in the Saturday Financial Times, nostalgic articles in Evergreen and some short stories on local radio, but my dream had always been to become a novelist and I finally made it. I have lots more books in me waiting to be written. I'm hoping this website creates the impetus to get me going again.