28. janv., 2019


Yes, it's been one forward and three back ever since before Christmas and for a once energetic and workaholic writer, this is not good. Trying to get my heart to beat normally [which it did until I caught a virus from my husband, who caught a virus from Ethiopia and generously passed it on to me] has been a mammoth task. I've lost count of the number of 'new' tablets I've been given, all of which gave me side -effects and turned me into a foggy-headed zombie. I've just started on yet another new tablet, after seeing the cardiologist on Tuesday, so my body - actually my brain - is slowly getting used to it. At least the hippety-hoppety heartbeats have stopped [for now] and my brain is finally waking up, but not enough yet to get back to my normal flow of writing. The other day - you may laugh - I sat down in my office and wrote 'Chapter Five' of the ongoing novel, but got no further as we had unexpected visitors. By the time we had helped them with their problem all I wanted to do was sink down in front of the fire and watch the telly, to which I have become terribly addicted during a long period of unwellness, anxiety and depression, due largely to the wrong tablets I was taking. Not to mention a cluster of deaths among our friends, relatives and my darling little Candy who lived with us for 17 years before she went to doggy heaven. Ah, well, I will get back to normal soon - I say, banging my fist on my work table. We shall see.